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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

os•tra•cizeˈɒs trəˌsaɪz(v.t.)-cized, -ciz•ing.

  1. to exclude, by general consent, from society, privileges, etc.

  2. to banish (a person) from his or her native country; expatriate.

  3. (in ancient Greece) to banish (a citizen) temporarily by popular vote.

    Category: Ancient History

Origin of ostracize:

1640–50; < Gk ostrakízein to banish by voting with potsherds =óstrak(on) potsherd, tile, ballot (akin to óstreionoyster, shell) +-izein-ize


Princeton's WordNet

  1. banish, ban, ostracize, ostracise, shun, cast out, blackball(verb)

    expel from a community or group

  2. ostracize, ostracise(verb)

    avoid speaking to or dealing with

    "Ever since I spoke up, my colleagues ostracize me"


  1. ostracize(Verb)

    To exclude (a person) from society or from a community, by not communicating with them or by refusing to acknowledge their presence; to refuse to talk to or associate with; to shun.

  2. Origin: From ὀστρακίζω, from ὄστρακον.


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