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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

os•mo•sisɒzˈmoʊ sɪs, ɒs-(n.)

  1. the tendency of a fluid, usu. water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane. the diffusion of fluids through membranes or porous partitions.

    Category: Biochemistry, Chemistry

  2. a subtle or gradual absorption:

    to learn by osmosis.

Origin of osmosis:

1865–70; Latinized form of now obs. osmose osmosis, extracted from endosmose endosmosis < F, =end-end - + Gk ōsm(ós) push, thrust + F -ose -osis


Princeton's WordNet

  1. osmotically(adverb)

    by means of osmosis


  1. osmotically(Adverb)

    In an osmotic manner

  2. osmotically(Adverb)

    With regard to osmosis


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