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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

op•ta•tiveˈɒp tə tɪv(adj.)

  1. of or pertaining to a verb mood, as in Greek, used to express a wish or desire.

    Category: Grammar

  2. (n.)the optative mood.

    Category: Grammar

  3. a verb in the optative mood.

    Category: Grammar

Origin of optative:

1520–30; < LL optātīvus= L optāt(us) (ptp. of optāre; see opt , -ate1) +-īvus -ive


Princeton's WordNet

  1. optative mood, optative(adj)

    a mood (as in Greek or Sanskrit) that expresses a wish or hope; expressed in English by modal verbs

  2. optative(adj)

    indicating an option or wish

  3. optative(adj)

    relating to a mood of verbs in some languages

    "optative verb endings"


  1. optative(Noun)

    a mood of verbs found in some languages (e.g. Old Prussian, Ancient Greek), used to express a wish. English has no inflexional optative mood, but it has modal verbs like "might" and "may" that express possibility.

  2. optative(Noun)

    a verb or expression in the optative mood.

  3. optative(Adjective)

    expressing a wish or a choice.

  4. optative(Adjective)

    related or pertaining to the optative mood.


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