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Princeton's WordNet

  1. open, open up(verb)

    cause to open or to become open

    "Mary opened the car door"

  2. open, open up(verb)

    become available

    "an opportunity opened up"

  3. open, open up(verb)

    make available

    "This opens up new possibilities"

  4. pioneer, open up(verb)

    open up an area or prepare a way

    "She pioneered a graduate program for women students"

  5. open, open up(verb)

    start to operate or function or cause to start operating or functioning

    "open a business"

  6. open, open up(verb)

    become open

    "The door opened"

  7. open up(verb)

    talk freely and without inhibition

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. open upˈoʊpən

    to open a door, window, etc.

    We opened up all the windows.

  2. open upˈoʊpən

    to start a new business

    We've opened up three new stores across the state.

  3. open upˈoʊpən

    to make sth possible

    A higher degree can open up many more career opportunities.

  4. open upˈoʊpən

    to start to be willing to talk about sth private

    He wouldn't talk at first, but he gradually opened up.


  1. open up(Verb)

    To open.

  2. open up(Verb)

    To reveal oneself; to become communicative.

  3. open up(Verb)

    To commence firing weapons.


  1. Open Up

    "Open Up" is a song recorded by Leftfield featuring John Lydon of Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd.. It was released as a single on 1 November 1993. The single reached #13 in the UK Singles Chart. The NME reported in their 18 September 1993 issue that "This is the record that people have always wanted Lydon to do." The song also made an appearance on the Hackers soundtrack, and on the album The Best the World ...Ever! Volume 3 in 1996. The song can also be found on the British Now That's What I Call Music! 26. It is also the title track to the Acclaim baseball video game All-Star Baseball 2000.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

open up

to open (a shop etc)

I open up the shop at nine o'clock every morning.

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