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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. not allowing light to pass through.

  2. not transmitting radiation, sound, heat, etc.

    Category: Physics

  3. not shining or bright; dark; dull.

  4. hard to understand.

  5. dull, stupid.

  6. (n.)something that is opaque.

  7. coloring used to render part of a photographic negative opaque.

    Category: Photography

Origin of opaque:

1375–1425; late ME opake < L opācus shaded


Princeton's WordNet

  1. opaque(adj)

    not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy; impenetrable to sight

    "opaque windows of the jail"; "opaque to X-rays"

  2. opaque, unintelligible(adj)

    not clearly understood or expressed

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. opaque(adjective)ʊˈpeɪk

    ≠ transparent

    opaque glass

  2. opaqueʊˈpeɪk

    not having a clearly understood meaning

    The meaning of what he said was opaque.


  1. opaque(Noun)

    An area of darkness; a place or region with no light.

  2. opaque(Noun)

    Something which is opaque rather than translucent.

  3. opaque(Verb)

    To make, render (more) opaque.

  4. opaque(Adjective)

    Neither reflecting nor emitting light.

  5. opaque(Adjective)

    Allowing little light to pass through, not translucent or transparent.

  6. opaque(Adjective)

    Unclear, unintelligible, hard to get or explain the meaning of

  7. opaque(Adjective)

    Obtuse, stupid.

  8. opaque(Adjective)

    Describes a type for which higher-level callers have no knowledge of data values or their representations; all operations are carried out by the type's defined abstract operators.

  9. Origin: From opake, from opacus (of unknown origin), later reinforced from opaque.


  1. Opaque

    Morten Aasdahl Eliassen, also known as stage name Opaque or the alias Mae, is a Norwegian rapper from Furuset in Oslo. He is signed to Tommy Tee's record label Tee Productions, and released the album Gourmet Garbage in 2001. In 2011 he appeared under the alias Mae on Jesse Jones debut album 12 blokker, 1 vei inn.

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not transparent

an opaque liquid.

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