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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

o•o•the•ca*ˌoʊ əˈθi kə(n.)(pl.)-cae

  1. a case or capsule containing eggs, as that of certain insects and mollusks.

    Category: Zoology

* (-sē)..

Origin of ootheca:

1850–55; < NL; see oo -, theca



  1. Ootheca

    An ootheca is a type of egg mass made by any member of a variety of species. The word is a Latinized combination of oo-, meaning "egg", from the Greek word ōon, and theca, meaning a "cover" or "container", from the Greek theke. Ootheke in Greek means ovary. An ootheca usually contains many eggs surrounded by a foam of protein which may then harden into a tough casing for protection. Notable ootheca-making insects are the mantis and cockroach.


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