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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Onondaga(noun)

    a member of the Iroquoian people formerly living between Lake Champlain and the Saint Lawrence River

  2. Onondaga(noun)

    the Iroquoian language spoken by the Onondaga


  1. Onondaga people

    The Onondaga people are one of the original five constituent nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. Their traditional homeland is in and around Onondaga County, New York. Known as Gana’dagwëni:io’geh to the other Iroquois tribes, this name allows people to know the difference when talking about Onondaga in Six Nations Reserve, Ontario or near Syracuse, New York. Being centrally located, they were considered the "Keepers of the Fire" in the figurative longhouse. The Cayuga and Seneca had territory to their west and the Oneida and Mohawk to their east. For this reason, the League of the Iroquois historically met at the Iroquois government's capital at Onondaga, as indeed the traditional chiefs do today.


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