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  1. one-shot(Noun)

    A television programme that is not part of a series.

  2. one-shot(Noun)

    A cinematographic shot of a person talking to camera; a talking head.

  3. one-shot(Adjective)

    needing only a single attempt to become effective.

  4. one-shot(Adjective)



  1. One-shot

    A one-shot is a comic book that is a pilot or a stand-alone story created as a single issue, rather than the more typical series format.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Rosalie Oliver:

    There was no need for the other five, one shot for me is cruelty.

  2. Tiffany Heinen:

    You only live once, be yourself and live life to the fullest right now-you only get one shot at it.

  3. Nick Faldo:

    It's harsh, isn't it? you've done your bit for 72 holes and then it's one shot. One is a champion, one is not.

  4. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki:

    He wanted this one shot not to be completely objective, so that made it very hard, the shot is sometimes very subjective, so you are feeling what he is feeling and you are watching what he is watching, and then goes back to reveal the environment.

  5. William Glasgall:

    New Jersey is one of the habitual offenders that ca n’t seem to or has n’t been able to come up with a lasting set of political and fiscal reforms that stick, new Jersey ’s a state that has n’t really been able to reform New Jersey ways and continues to use one-shot deals.


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