Definitions for omnivoreˈɒm nəˌvɔr, -ˌvoʊr

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

om•ni•voreˈɒm nəˌvɔr, -ˌvoʊr(n.)

  1. someone or something that is omnivorous.

    Category: Ecology

  2. an omnivorous animal.

    Category: Ecology

Origin of omnivore:

1885–90; < F

Princeton's WordNet

  1. omnivore(noun)

    a person who eats all kinds of foods

  2. omnivore(noun)

    an animal that feeds on both animal and vegetable substances


  1. omnivore(Noun)

    An animal which is able to consume both plants (like a herbivore) and meat (like a carnivore).

    Bears are omnivores, they can eat plants but they enjoy eating fish.

  2. Origin: From omne "all, everything" + vorare "to devour".


  1. Omnivore

    An omnivore, meaning 'all-eater', is a polyphage species that is a consumer of a variety of material as significant food sources in their natural diet. These foods may include plants, animals, algae and fungi. Omnivores often are opportunistic, general feeders with neither carnivore nor herbivore specializations for acquiring or processing food, and are capable of consuming and do consume both animal protein and vegetation. Many omnivores depend on a suitable mix of animal and plant food for long-term good health and reproduction.


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