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  1. Olympic Games, Olympics, Olympiad(noun)

    the modern revival of the ancient games held once every 4 years in a selected country


  1. Olympics

    A modified revival of the ancient Olympian games, consisting of international athletic games, races, etc., now held once in four years, the first having been at Athens in 1896. There are now two sets of modern Olympic games, the summer games and the winter games. Both had been held every four years, in the same year, but in 1998 for the first time the winter games began to be held two years after the summer games, though each series is still held only once every four years. The number and types of sports contests held at the olympics has greatly expanded from the original number.


  1. Olympics(ProperNoun)

    The Olympic Games.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Will Connell:

    As we get closer to the Olympics the guidance could get updated.

  2. Alexey Leonov:

    I think that these were the best competitions, higher than Olympics.

  3. Juliana Barbassa:

    The biggest social legacy of the Olympics were to be the urbanization of the favelas.

  4. Bent Flyvbjerg:

    It's difficult enough to deliver the Olympics as it is, let alone with a scandal like this.

  5. Ricardo Ismael:

    Paes will not be the only one, everyone will be looking to cash in on the Olympics publicity.


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