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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

old•enˈoʊl dən(adj.)

  1. of or pertaining to the distant past or bygone times; ancient; old.

Origin of olden:

1350–1400; ME; OE ealdum, dat. pl. of eald old

Princeton's WordNet

  1. olden(adj)

    long past

    "olden days"


  1. Olden

    Olden is a compilation album by 16 Horsepower, released July 8, 2003. It would be the last record released by 16 Horsepower before their break-up. The album is divided into three sections, with each section separated by two short interviews with David Eugene Edwards, the band's vocalist and lead musician. The first seven tracks were recorded at the Night Owl Studio in Denver in 1993, and are referred to as the "Night Owl Studio sessions." The next six songs were recorded at Kerr Macy studio in Denver in 1994. The last six songs are live recordings from their session at the Mercury Cafe in Denver in 1994.

Anagrams of olden

  1. Loden


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