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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

off•shoreˈɔfˈʃɔr, -ˈʃoʊr, ˈɒf-(adv.)

  1. off or away from the shore.

  2. at a distance from the shore, on or in a body of water.

  3. in a foreign country.

  4. (adj.)moving or tending away from the shore toward or into a body of water:

    an offshore wind.

  5. located or operating on or in a body of water, at some distance from the shore.

  6. registered, located, conducted, or operated in a foreign country.

    Category: Banking

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. offshore, seaward(adj)

    (of winds) coming from the land

    "offshore winds"

  2. offshore(adverb)

    at some distance from the shore

    "offshore oil reserves"; "an offshore island"

  3. offshore(adverb)

    away from shore; away from land

    "cruising three miles offshore"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. offshore(adjective)ˈɔfˈʃɔr, -ˈʃoʊr, ˈɒf-

    in the ocean, near the coast

    an offshore wind farm

  2. offshoreˈɔfˈʃɔr, -ˈʃoʊr, ˈɒf-

    relating to money or financial services in another country

    offshore investments; to invest offshore; to work offshore


  1. offshore(Verb)

    To use foreign labour to substitute for local labour.

  2. offshore(Adverb)

    Away from the shore.

  3. offshore(Adverb)

    At some distance from the shore.

  4. offshore(Adjective)

    Moving away from the shore.

  5. offshore(Adjective)

    Located in the sea away from the coast.

    an offshore oil rig

  6. offshore(Adjective)

    Located in another country, especially one having beneficial tax laws.


  1. Offshore

    Offshore is a novel by Penelope Fitzgerald. It won the Booker Prize for that year. It recalls her time spent on boats in Battersea by the Thames. The novel centralizes around the idea of liminality, expanding upon it to include the notion: 'liminal people,' people who do not belong to the land or the sea, but somewhere in-between. The epigraph, "che mena il vento, e che batte la pioggia, e che s'incontran con si aspre lingue" comes from Canto XI of Dante's Inferno.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


in or on the sea, not far from the coast

offshore oil-wells.

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