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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

off•ingˈɔ fɪŋ, ˈɒf ɪŋ(n.)

  1. the more distant part of the sea seen from the shore.

    Category: Navy

Idioms for offing:

  1. in the offing, at a distance but within sight. in the projected future; likely to happen.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of offing:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. offing(noun)

    the near or foreseeable future

    "there was a wedding in the offing"

  2. offing(noun)

    the part of the sea that can be seen from the shore and is beyond the anchoring area

    "there was a ship in the offing"


  1. offing(Noun)

    The area of the sea in which a ship can be seen in the distance from land, excluding the parts nearest the shore, and beyond the anchoring ground.

  2. offing(Noun)

    The distance that a ship at sea keeps away from land, often because of navigational dangers, fog and other hazards; a position at a distance from shore.

  3. offing(Noun)

    The foreseeable future. Chiefly in the phrase in the offing.

  4. Origin: . Attested since the 1620s. Early texts also spell the term offin and offen.


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