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Princeton's WordNet

  1. off-the-rack, off-the-shelf, off-the-peg, ready-to-wear(adj)

    (especially of clothing) made in standard sizes and available from merchandise in stock

    "a ready-made jacket"; "ready-to-wear clothes"


  1. off-the-shelf(adj.)

    Made in large quantities and intended to be used without modifications; -- similar to off-the-rack, but not restricted to clothing. Opposite of custom-made, made-to-order, or one-of-a-kind.


  1. off-the-shelf(Adjective)

    As purchased or as commonly available, without modification or customization.

    We can build a specialized part for you, but an off-the-shelf product will probably cost less.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Aubrey Alvarez:

    Anything on those racks that is out-of-date will automatically be taken off the shelf.

  2. Behzad Aghazadeh:

    If it plays out, it would be a game-changer of a company, any reasonable person would say, 'I'll take the off the shelf product.'.

  3. Dileep Yavagal:

    We do suspect that there is some time effect based on laboratory data, so giving them earlier use of cells ‘off the shelf’ may have a larger benefit.

  4. Guillermo Ameer:

    By saving the patient’s patellar tendon and using an off-the-shelf product, one may have a better chance of preserving the natural biomechanics of the knee.

  5. Dave Chiokadze:

    I'll identify if they are a Trump supporter, and I'll give them an opportunity, i'll tell them we have free shirts, we have Trump gear, 'cause that's going off the shelf.

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