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Princeton's WordNet

  1. simple eye, stemma, ocellus(noun)

    an eye having a single lens

  2. eyespot, ocellus(noun)

    an eyelike marking (as on the wings of some butterflies); usually a spot of color inside a ring of another color


  1. ocellus(Noun)

    A simple eye consisting of a single lens and a small number of sensory cells

  2. ocellus(Noun)

    An eyelike marking in the form of a spot or ring of colour, as on the wing of a butterfly or the tail of a peacock


  1. Simple eye in invertebrates

    A simple eye refers to a type of eye form or optical arrangement that contains a single lens. A "simple eye" is so called in distinction from a multi-lensed "compound eye", and is not necessarily at all simple in the usual sense of the word. The eyes of humans and large animals, and camera lenses are classed as "simple" because in both cases a single lens collects and focuses light onto the retina or film. Many insects have compound eyes consisting of multiple lenses, each focusing light onto a small number of retinula cells. The structure of an animal's eye is determined by the environment in which it lives, and the behavioural tasks it must fulfill to survive. Arthropods differ widely in the habitats in which they live, as well as their visual requirements for finding food or conspecifics, and avoiding predators. Consequently, an enormous variety of eye designs are found in arthropods: they possess a wide variety of novel solutions to overcome visual problems or limitations.

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