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  1. obstruent(Noun)

    a consonant sound formed by obstructing the airway, causing turbulence; the generic term of plosive, fricative and affricate

Webster Dictionary

  1. Obstruent(adj)

    causing obstruction; blocking up; hindering; as, an obstruent medicine

  2. Obstruent(noun)

    anything that obstructs or closes a passage; esp., that which obstructs natural passages in the body; as, a medicine which acts as an obstruent

  3. Origin: [L. obstruens, p. pr. of obstruere. See Obstruct.]


  1. Obstruent

    An obstruent is a consonant sound formed by obstructing airflow, causing increased air pressure in the vocal tract, such as, and. In phonetics, articulation may be divided into two large classes: obstruents and sonorants. Obstruents are those articulations in which there is closure of the vocal tract, stopping or interfering with airflow. They are subdivided into stops: ‏p, t, k, b, d, g, with complete occlusion of the vocal tract, often followed by a release burst; fricatives, with limited closure, not stopping airflow but interfering with it and making it turbulent, called frication; and affricates, which begin with complete occlusion but then release into a fricative-like release. Obstruents are prototypically voiceless, though voiced obstruents are common. This contrasts with sonorants, which are much more rarely voiceless.


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