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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ob•lateˈɒb leɪt, ɒˈbleɪt(adj.)

  1. flattened at the poles, as a spheroid generated by the revolution of an ellipse about its shorter axis

    Category: Math

    Ref: (opposed to prolate ).

Origin of oblate:

1695–1705; < NL oblātus lengthened = L ob-ob - +(prō)lātusprolate


ob•lateˈɒb leɪt, ɒˈbleɪt(n.)

  1. a person serving and living in a monastery but not under monastic rule or full monastic vows.

    Category: Religion

Origin of oblate:

1860–65; < ML oblātus, L: offered, ptp. of offerre to offer

Princeton's WordNet

  1. oblate(adj)

    a lay person dedicated to religious work or the religious life

  2. oblate, pumpkin-shaped(adj)

    having the equatorial diameter greater than the polar diameter; being flattened at the poles

Webster Dictionary

  1. Oblate(adj)

    flattened or depressed at the poles; as, the earth is an oblate spheroid

  2. Oblate(adj)

    offered up; devoted; consecrated; dedicated; -- used chiefly or only in the titles of Roman Catholic orders. See Oblate, n

  3. Oblate(adj)

    one of an association of priests or religious women who have offered themselves to the service of the church. There are three such associations of priests, and one of women, called oblates

  4. Oblate(adj)

    one of the Oblati


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