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  1. Nuristani(Noun)

    Any member of an ethnic group found mostly in the Nuristan, Laghman and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan, now generally Muslim but having once had an Indo-Iranian polytheistic religion.


  1. Nuristanis

    The Nuristanis are an Indo-Iranian-speaking ethnic group native to the Nuristan region of eastern Afghanistan and some villages in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. In the mid-1890s, after the establishment of the Durand Line when Afghanistan ceded various frontier areas to the British Empire, Emir Abdur Rahman Khan conducted a military campaign in Nuristan and followed up his conquest with conversion of the Nuristanis to Islam; the region thenceforth being known as Nuristan, the "Land of Light". Before their conversion, the Nuristanis practiced an Indo-Iranian polytheistic Rigvedic religion. Non-Muslim religious practices endure today to some degree as folk customs. In their native rural areas, they are often farmers, herders, and dairymen. The Nuristanis are distinguished from the Kalash and Kho people of Chitral by their adoption of Islam, territory within Afghanistan, and consolidation with other Afghans. The Nuristan region has been a prominent location for war scenes that have led to the death of many indigenous Nuristanis.Nuristan has also received abundance of settlers from the surrounding Afghanistan regions due to the borderline vacant location.


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