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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

nov•iceˈnɒv ɪs(n.)

  1. a person who is new to the circumstances, work, etc., in which he or she is placed; beginner.

  2. a person admitted into a religious order or congregation for a period of probation before taking vows.

    Category: Religion

  3. a new member of a church.

    Category: Religion

Origin of novice:

1300–50; < MF novice < ML novītius convent novice < L novīcius newly come into a particular status, der. of novusnew


Princeton's WordNet

  1. novitiate, novice(noun)

    someone who has entered a religious order but has not taken final vows

  2. novice, beginner, tyro, tiro, initiate(noun)

    someone new to a field or activity


  1. novice(Noun)

    A beginner; one who is not very familiar or experienced in a particular subject.

    I'm only a novice at coding, and my programs frequently have bugs that more experienced programmers wouldn't make.

  2. novice(Noun)

    A new member of a religious order accepted on a conditional basis, prior to confirmation.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Novice(noun)

    one who is new in any business, profession, or calling; one unacquainted or unskilled; one yet in the rudiments; a beginner; a tyro

  2. Novice(noun)

    one newly received into the church, or one newly converted to the Christian faith

  3. Novice(noun)

    one who enters a religious house, whether of monks or nuns, as a probationist

  4. Novice(adj)

    like a novice; becoming a novice


  1. Novice

    A novice is a person or creature who is new to a field or activity.

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a beginner in any skill etc.

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