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Princeton's WordNet

  1. normalize, normalise(verb)

    become normal or return to its normal state

    "Let us hope that relations with this country will normalize soon"

  2. normalize, normalise, renormalize, renormalise(verb)

    make normal or cause to conform to a norm or standard

    "normalize relations with China"; "normalize the temperature"; "normalize the spelling"

  3. anneal, temper, normalize(verb)

    bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling

    "temper glass"


  1. normalize(Verb)

    To make normal, to make standard.

    There is little hope that the two countries will normalize relations; their governments seem to hate each other and would just as soon stay on bad terms.

  2. normalize(Verb)

    To format in a standardized manner, to make consistent.

    We'll need to normalize these statements before we can compare them.

  3. normalize(Verb)

    To reduce to variations by excluding irrelevant aspects.

    After we properly normalize the measurements with respect to age, gender, geography and economic considerations, there remains little evidence of a difference between the two groups.

  4. normalize(Verb)

    To return a set of points (switches) to the normal position.

  5. normalize(Verb)

    To return to the normal position from the reverse position.

  6. normalize(Verb)

    To subject to normalization; to eliminate redundancy in (a model for storing data).

  7. normalize(Verb)

    To divide a vector by its magnitude to produce a unit vector.


  1. Normalize

    To make something conform to a standard; to remove useless or extraneous entries from a data set.

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