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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. midday.

  2. twelve o'clock in the daytime.

  3. the highest, brightest, or finest point or part.

  4. Archaic. midnight.

Origin of noon:

bef. 900; ME none, OE nōn < L nōna ninth hour. See none2

Princeton's WordNet

  1. noon, twelve noon, high noon, midday, noonday, noontide(noun)

    the middle of the day

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. noon(noun)nun

    midday when the sun is at its highest position

    At noon it's too hot to go outside.; We'll leave some time around noon.


  1. noon(Noun)

    The ninth hour of the day counted from sunrise; around three o'clock in the afternoon.

  2. noon(Noun)

    Time of day when the sun is in its zenith; twelve o'clock in the day, midday.

  3. noon(Noun)

    The corresponding time in the middle of the night; midnight.

  4. Origin: From non, from a Germanic borrowing of classical nona (short for nona hora), feminine of nonus. Cognate with Flemish noen, obsolete German Non, Norwegian non.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Noon(adj)

    no. See the Note under No

  2. Noon(noun)

    the middle of the day; midday; the time when the sun is in the meridian; twelve o'clock in the daytime

  3. Noon(noun)

    hence, the highest point; culmination

  4. Noon(adj)

    belonging to midday; occurring at midday; meridional

  5. Noon(verb)

    to take rest and refreshment at noon


  1. Noon

    Noon is usually defined as 12 o'clock in the daytime. However the term midday is used colloquially to refer to a range of time, usually 11-1. The word noon is also used informally to mean midday regarding the location of the sun, as opposed to the middle of one's day. Although this is a time around the middle of the day when people in many countries take a lunch break. Solar noon is 12 o'clock apparent solar time, or around 12 – 1 p.m. local time depending on daylight saving time, the moment when the sun crosses the meridian and is about at its highest elevation in the sky. The clock time of solar noon depends on the longitude and date. The opposite of noon is midnight. In many cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, noon had ancient geographic associations with the direction "south". Remnants of the noon = south association are preserved in the words for noon in French and Italian, both of which also refer to the southern parts of the respective countries. Modern Polish and Ukrainian go a step farther, with the words for noon also meaning "south" and the words for "midnight" also meaning "north".

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twelve o'clock midday

They arrived at noon.

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