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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

no•ble*ˈnoʊ bəl(adj.; n.)-bler, -blest

  1. (adj.)distinguished by rank or title.

  2. pertaining to persons so distinguished.

  3. of, belonging to, or constituting a hereditary class that has special social or political status in a country or state; aristocratic.

  4. of an exalted moral character or excellence.

  5. imposing; magnificent.

  6. of an admirably high quality.

  7. inert; chemically inactive.

    Category: Chemistry

  8. (n.)a person of noble birth or rank.

  9. a former gold coin of England.

    Category: Numismatics

* Syn: noble , high-minded , magnanimous suggest moral excellence and high ideals. noble implies superior moral qualities and an exalted mind, character, or spirit that scorns the petty, base, or dishonorable: a noble sacrifice.high-minded suggests exalted moral principles, thoughts, or sentiments: a high-minded speech on social reform.magnanimous adds the idea of generosity, shown by a willingness to forgive injuries or overlook insults: The magnanimous ruler granted amnesty to the rebels.

Origin of noble:

1175–1225; < OF < L (g)nōbilis notable, of high rank, from (g)nō(scere) to get to know


Princeton's WordNet

  1. nobly(adverb)

    in a noble manner

    "she has behaved nobly"


  1. nobly(Adverb)

    In a noble manner.

    In the end he died nobly, trying to save the lives of others.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Nobly(adverb)

    of noble extraction; as, nobly born or descended

  2. Nobly(adverb)

    in a noble manner; with greatness of soul; heroically; with magnanimity; as, a deed nobly done

  3. Nobly(adverb)

    splendidly; magnificently

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He worked nobly for the cause of peace.

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