Definitions for nightingaleˈnaɪt nˌgeɪl, ˈnaɪ tɪŋ-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

night•in•galeˈnaɪt nˌgeɪl, ˈnaɪ tɪŋ-(n.)

  1. any of several small Old World birds of the thrush subfamily, esp. Luscinia megarhynchos, of Europe, noted for the melodious song of the male, often heard at night.

    Category: Ornithology

Origin of nightingale:

1200–50; ME nightyngale, nightegale, OE nihtegale, c. G Nachtigall, lit., night singer (cf. OE galan sing; akin to yell )

Night•in•galeˈnaɪt nˌgeɪl, ˈnaɪ tɪŋ-(n.)

  1. Florence, 1820–1910, English nurse and hospital reformer.

    Category: Biography

Princeton's WordNet

  1. nightingale, Luscinia megarhynchos(noun)

    European songbird noted for its melodious nocturnal song

  2. Nightingale, Florence Nightingale, Lady with the Lamp(noun)

    English nurse remembered for her work during the Crimean War (1820-1910)

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. nightingale(noun)ˈnaɪt nˌgeɪl, ˈnaɪ tɪŋ-

    a bird that sings beautifully at dusk


  1. nightingale(Noun)

    A European songbird, Luscinia megarhynchos, of the family Turdidae.

  2. Origin: and nihtgale

Webster Dictionary

  1. Nightingale(noun)

    a small, plain, brown and gray European song bird (Luscinia luscinia). It sings at night, and is celebrated for the sweetness of its song

  2. Nightingale(noun)

    a larger species (Lucinia philomela), of Eastern Europe, having similar habits; the thrush nightingale. The name is also applied to other allied species

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a type of small bird with a beautiful song.

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