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or N.E.D.

  1. New English Dictionary (Oxford English Dictionary).


  1. ned(Noun)

    A person, usually a youth, of low social standing and education, a violent disposition and with a particular style of dress (typically sportswear or Burberry), speech and behaviour.

  2. Ned(ProperNoun)

    A medieval diminutive of the male given name Edward.

  3. Origin: Unknown. Widely believed to be short for "Non-Educated [sic] Delinquent" although this is in fact a backronym and folk etymology. Several other suggestions include a contraction of ne'er-do-well, neanderthal, and some kind of relationship with Teddy Boy. Ostensibly unrelated to "Ned" as a diminutive of the personal name "Edward".


  1. Ned

    Ned is a derogatory term applied in Scotland to hooligans, louts or petty criminals, latterly with the stereotypical implication that they wear casual sports clothes. Such usage in Glasgow dates back to the 1960s or earlier.

Anagrams of ned

  1. Den, den, DNE, end, NDE

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on or to the ground

The little boy fell down and cut his knee.

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