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Princeton's WordNet

  1. snout, neb(noun)

    a long projecting or anterior elongation of an animal's head; especially the nose

  2. beak, bill, neb, nib, pecker(noun)

    horny projecting mouth of a bird


  1. neb(Noun)

    A bird's beak or bill.

  2. neb(Noun)

    A person's mouth.

  3. neb(Noun)

    A person's nose.

  4. neb(Noun)

    The nose or snout of an animal, now especially of a fish.

  5. neb(Noun)

    A projecting extremity; a point or sharp projection.

  6. neb(Noun)

    A nib, as of a pen.

  7. Origin: nebb, from . Cognate with Danish næb, Dutch neb, German Schnabel, Old Norse nef, Swedish näbb, Swedish regional näv.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Neb(noun)

    the nose; the snout; the mouth; the beak of a bird; a nib, as of a pen

  2. Origin: [AS. nebb head, face; akin to D. neb, Icel. nef, beak of a bird, nose, Dan. naeb beak, bill, Sw. nbb, nf, and prob. also to D. sneb, snavel, bill, beak, G. schnabel, Dan. & Sw. snabel, and E. snap. Cf. Nib, Snap, Snaffle.]


  1. Neb

    Neb is a fictional character from the 1941 film Mysterious Island.

Anagrams for neb »

  1. EbN

  2. ben , Ben

  3. NbE

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Tim Gray:

    In the past, the NEB has relied on these safety conditions to justify its approval of highly controversial pipeline projects.

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