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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

nav•vyˈnæv i(n.)(pl.)-vies.

  1. Brit. unskilled manual laborer.

    Category: British, Informal

Origin of navvy:

1825–35; earlier, a laborer employed in canal excavation; nav(igator) in same sense (cf. obs. or dial. navigation a canal) + -y2

Princeton's WordNet

  1. drudge, peon, navvy, galley slave(noun)

    a laborer who is obliged to do menial work


  1. navvy(Noun)

    a laborer on a civil engineering project such as a canal or railroad

  2. Origin: from the navigation canals upon which these workers first toiled

Webster Dictionary

  1. Navvy(noun)

    originally, a laborer on canals for internal navigation; hence, a laborer on other public works, as in building railroads, embankments, etc


  1. Navvy

    Navvy, a shorter form of navigator or navigational engineer, is particularly applied to describe the manual labourers working on major civil engineering projects. The term was coined in the late 18th century in Great Britain when numerous canals were being built, which were also sometimes known as "navigations", or "eternal navigations", intended to last forever.


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