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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

na•tiv•ismˈneɪ tɪˌvɪz əm(n.)

  1. the policy of protecting the interests of native inhabitants against those of immigrants.

  2. the policy or practice of preserving or reviving an indigenous culture.

    Category: Anthropology

  3. the doctrine that certain knowledge, ideas, behavior, or capacities exist innately.

    Category: Philosphy, Language/Linguistics, Psychology

Origin of nativism:

1835–45, Amer.


Princeton's WordNet

  1. nativism(noun)

    the policy of perpetuating native cultures (in opposition to acculturation)

  2. nativism(noun)

    (philosophy) the philosophical theory that some ideas are innate


  1. nativism(Noun)

    a policy of favoring native-born inhabitants over immigrants

  2. nativism(Noun)

    the policy of perpetuating the culture of the natives of a colonised country

  3. nativism(Noun)

    the doctrine that some skills or abilities are innate and not learned

Webster Dictionary

  1. Nativism(noun)

    the disposition to favor the native inhabitants of a country, in preference to immigrants from foreign countries

  2. Nativism(noun)

    the doctrine of innate ideas, or that the mind possesses forms of thought independent of sensation


  1. Nativism

    Nativism is the political position of demanding a favored status for certain established inhabitants of a nation as compared to claims of newcomers or immigrants. Nativism typically means opposition to immigration and support of efforts to lower the political or legal status of specific ethnic or cultural groups because the groups are considered hostile or alien to the natural culture, and assumptions that they cannot be assimilated. According to Fetzer, opposition to immigration is common in many countries because of issues of national, cultural, and religious identity. The phenomenon has been studied especially in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, as well as Europe in recent years. Thus nativism has become a general term for 'opposition to immigration' based on fears that the immigrants will distort or spoil existing cultural values. In situations where the nativistic movement exists inside of dominant culture it tends to be associated with xenophobic and assimilationist projects. At the other end of the spectrum, in situations where immigrants greatly outnumber the original inhabitants or where contact forces economic and cultural change, nativistic movements can allow cultural survival. Among North American Indians important nativist movements include Neolin, Tenskwatawa, and Wovoka. They displayed anti-white racism, teaching that whites were morally inferior to the Indians and their ways must be rejected. Thus Tenskwatawa taught that the Americans were "children of the Evil Spirit."

Anagrams of nativism

  1. vitamins

Translations for nativism

  • hostilité aux immigrantsFrench


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