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Princeton's WordNet

  1. narrowly(adverb)

    in a narrow manner; not allowing for exceptions

    "he interprets the law narrowly"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. narrowly(adverb)ˈnær oʊ

    by a very small amount or distance

    The two planes narrowly missed each other.

  2. narrowlyˈnær oʊ

    in a limited way

    The term "eating disorder" has been too narrowly defined.


  1. narrowly(Adverb)

    In a narrow manner; without flexibility or latitude.

    They regarded the new idea rather narrowly.

  2. narrowly(Adverb)

    By a narrow margin; closely.

    They narrowly escaped collision.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Narrowly(adverb)

    with little breadth; in a narrow manner

  2. Narrowly(adverb)

    without much extent; contractedly

  3. Narrowly(adverb)

    with minute scrutiny; closely; as, to look or watch narrowly; to search narrowly

  4. Narrowly(adverb)

    with a little margin or space; by a small distance; hence, closely; hardly; barely; only just; -- often with reference to an avoided danger or misfortune; as, he narrowly escaped

  5. Narrowly(adverb)

    sparingly; parsimoniously

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


closely; only just

The ball narrowly missed his head.

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