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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mushroom(noun)

    common name for an edible agaric (contrasting with the inedible toadstool)

  2. mushroom(noun)

    mushrooms and related fleshy fungi (including toadstools, puffballs, morels, coral fungi, etc.)

  3. mushroom(noun)

    any of various fleshy fungi of the subdivision Basidiomycota consisting of a cap at the end of a stem arising from an underground mycelium

  4. mushroom, mushroom cloud, mushroom-shaped cloud(noun)

    a large cloud of rubble and dust shaped like a mushroom and rising into the sky after an explosion (especially of a nuclear bomb)

  5. mushroom(verb)

    fleshy body of any of numerous edible fungi

  6. mushroom(verb)

    pick or gather mushrooms

    "We went mushrooming in the Fall"

  7. mushroom(verb)

    grow and spread fast

    "The problem mushroomed"


  1. mushroom(Noun)

    Any of the fleshy fruiting bodies of fungi typically produced above ground on soil or on their food sources (such as decaying wood).

    Some mushrooms are edible and taste good, while others are poisonous and taste foul.

  2. mushroom(Noun)

    A fungus producing such fruiting bodies.

  3. mushroom(Noun)

    champignon or Agaricus bisporus, the mushroom species most commonly used in cooking.

  4. mushroom(Verb)

    To grow quickly to a large size.

    The townu2019s population mushroomed from 10,000 to 110,000 in five years.

  5. mushroom(Verb)

    To gather mushrooms.

  6. mushroom(Verb)

    (Of a bullet) To form the shape of a mushroom when a bullet impacts a soft target.

  7. mushroom(Adjective)

    Containing or being made of mushrooms.

    mushroom soup

  8. mushroom(Adjective)

    Resembling a mushroom by shape or appearance.

    mushroom cloud

  9. Origin: musheron, musseron, from mousseron, from mussiriōnem, musariōnem, accusative of mussirio, musario, from Old French mousse (—first applied to a type of fungus which grows in moss), of origin, from Low * or mosa "moss", both from musan, from meus-. Akin to mos, Old High German mios,

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mushroom(noun)

    an edible fungus (Agaricus campestris), having a white stalk which bears a convex or oven flattish expanded portion called the pileus. This is whitish and silky or somewhat scaly above, and bears on the under side radiating gills which are at first flesh-colored, but gradually become brown. The plant grows in rich pastures and is proverbial for rapidity of growth and shortness of duration. It has a pleasant smell, and is largely used as food. It is also cultivated from spawn

  2. Mushroom(noun)

    any large fungus, especially one of the genus Agaricus; a toadstool. Several species are edible; but many are very poisonous

  3. Mushroom(noun)

    one who rises suddenly from a low condition in life; an upstart

  4. Mushroom(adj)

    of or pertaining to mushrooms; as, mushroom catchup

  5. Mushroom(adj)

    resembling mushrooms in rapidity of growth and shortness of duration; short-lived; ephemerial; as, mushroom cities


  1. Mushroom

    A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. The standard for the name "mushroom" is the cultivated white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus; hence the word "mushroom" is most often applied to those fungi that have a stem, a cap, and gills or pores on the underside of the cap. "Mushroom" describes a variety of gilled fungi, with or without stems, and the term is used even more generally, to describe both the fleshy fruiting bodies of some Ascomycota and the woody or leathery fruiting bodies of some Basidiomycota, depending upon the context of the word. Forms deviating from the standard morphology usually have more specific names, such as "puffball", "stinkhorn", and "morel", and gilled mushrooms themselves are often called "agarics" in reference to their similarity to Agaricus or their place Agaricales. By extension, the term "mushroom" can also designate the entire fungus when in culture; the thallus of species forming the fruiting bodies called mushrooms; or the species itself.

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