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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a sequence of sounds or letters constituting the physical realization of a morpheme in a specific context.

    Category: Language/Linguistics

  2. Biol. an individual of one particular form, as a worker ant, in a species that occurs in two or more forms. a locally distinct population of a polymorphic species.

    Category: Developmental Biology, Biology

  3. (v.t.)to transform (an image) by computer.

    Category: Computers

  4. (v.i.)to be transformed:

    morphing from a tough negotiator to Mr. Friendly.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

Origin of morph:

1945–50; back formation from morpheme , or independent use of -morph



  1. morphallaxis.

    Category: Affix

    Ref: var. of morpho- before a vowel:


  1. a combining form meaning “form, structure,” of the kind specified by the initial element:


    Category: Affix

Origin of -morph:

< Gk -morphos; see -morphous


  1. morphology.

    Category: Language/Linguistics

Princeton's WordNet

  1. morph(verb)

    cause to change shape in a computer animation

    "The computer programmer morphed the image"

  2. morph(verb)

    change shape as via computer animation

    "In the video, Michael Jackson morphed into a panther"


  1. morph(Noun)

    A physical form representing some morpheme in language. It is a recurrent distinctive sound or sequence sounds.

  2. morph(Noun)

    An allomorph: one of a set of realizations that a morpheme can have in different contexts.

  3. morph

    Local variety of a species, distinguishable from other populations of the species by morphology or behaviour.

  4. morph

    A computer-generated gradual change from one image to another.

  5. morph(Verb)

    To change shape, from one form to another, through computer animation.

  6. morph(Verb)

    To undergo dramatic change in a seamless and barely noticeable fashion.


  1. Kevin Sydney

    Kevin Sydney is a fictional character that has been a member of the X-Men in comic book stories published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Werner Roth, the character first appeared in X-Men #35. Kevin Sydney first appeared as Changeling, a mutant shapeshifter. He was a short-lived adversary for the X-Men who subsequently joined Professor X and died shortly after, making him the first member of the X-Men to die in action. The character was reintroduced as Morph in the 1990s for the X-Men Animated Series and later as part of The Exiles in 2001. Despite sharing the same alter ego, Changeling and Morph are distinctly separate characters and exist in different realities in the Marvel Multiverse.


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