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Princeton's WordNet

  1. modulate(verb)

    change the key of, in music

    "modulate the melody"

  2. tone, inflect, modulate(verb)

    vary the pitch of one's speech

  3. regulate, modulate(verb)

    fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of

    "regulate the temperature"; "modulate the pitch"

  4. modulate(verb)

    adjust the pitch, tone, or volume of

  5. modulate(verb)

    vary the frequency, amplitude, phase, or other characteristic of (electromagnetic waves)


  1. modulate(Verb)

    To regulate, adjust or adapt

  2. modulate(Verb)

    To change the pitch, intensity or tone of one's voice or of a musical instrument

  3. modulate(Verb)

    to vary the amplitude, frequency or phase of a carrier wave in proportion to the amplitude etc of a source wave (such as speech or music)

  4. modulate(Verb)

    to move from one key or tonality to another, especially by using a chord progression

  5. Origin: From modulatus, past participle of modulari, from modulus; see modulus. Compare module.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Modulate(verb)

    to form, as sound, to a certain key, or to a certain portion

  2. Modulate(verb)

    to vary or inflect in a natural, customary, or musical manner; as, the organs of speech modulate the voice in reading or speaking

  3. Modulate(verb)

    to pass from one key into another

  4. Origin: [L. modulatus, p. p. of modulari to measure, to modulate, fr. modulus a small measure, meter, melody, dim. of modus. See Mode.]


  1. Modulate.

    Modulate is Bob Mould's fifth solo album, released in 2002. Although a few tracks on his previous release, The Last Dog and Pony Show, had featured tape loops and samples, Mould shocked his fans with such a dramatic embrace of electronica. Rolling Stone magazine awarded the album 2 ¹⁄₂ stars out of five, declaring: "Ultimately, this is a rock record with electronic effects, not a techno record with guitars, and it falls short of being totally satisfying as either." The record includes the song "The Receipt," which City Pages observed "can be taken as a barely veiled attack on Mould's old Hüsker Dü-mate Grant Hart." Mould dubbed the tour supporting this album The Carnival of Light and Sound. It featured him performing alone on stage, backed by prerecorded tracks as short films were projected on screens behind him.

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