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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mo•bi•lizeˈmoʊ bəˌlaɪz(v.)-lized, -liz•ing.

  1. (v.t.)to assemble (armed forces) into readiness for active service:

    to mobilize troops.

    Category: Military

  2. to organize or adapt for service in time of war or other emergency:

    to mobilize industry.

    Category: Military

  3. to bring together or marshal for action or use:

    to mobilize support.

  4. to make mobile; put into action.

  5. (v.i.)to be or become assembled, organized, etc.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mobilize, mobilise, marshal, summon(verb)

    make ready for action or use

    "marshal resources"

  2. call up, mobilize, mobilise, rally(verb)

    call to arms; of military personnel

  3. mobilize, mobilise(verb)

    get ready for war

  4. mobilize, mobilise, circulate(verb)

    cause to move around

    "circulate a rumor"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. mobilize(verb)ˈmoʊ bəˌlaɪz

    to bring together a group of people to achieve sth

    a candidate who can mobilize voters


  1. mobilize(Verb)

    To make something mobile.

  2. mobilize(Verb)

    To assemble troops and their equipment in a coordinated fashion so as to be ready for war.

  3. mobilize(Verb)

    To become made ready for war.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mobilize(verb)

    to put in a state of readiness for active service in war, as an army corps


  1. Mobilize

    Mobilize is an album by punk rock band Anti-Flag. It contains eight new studio tracks, and eight live songs. The album's live tracks were recorded at the Mr. Roboto Project, a cooperatively-organized and volunteer-run DIY venue in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.


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