Definitions for misfitmɪsˈfɪt for 1; mɪsˈfɪt, ˈmɪsˌfɪt for 2; ˈmɪsˌfɪt for 3

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mis•fitmɪsˈfɪt for 1; mɪsˈfɪt, ˈmɪsˌfɪt for 2; ˈmɪsˌfɪt for 3(v.; n.)-fit•ted, -fit•ting

  1. (v.i.)to fit badly.

  2. (n.)something, as a garment, that fits badly.

  3. a person who is not suited or is unable to adjust to a situation:

    a misfit in one's job.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. misfit(noun)

    someone unable to adapt to their circumstances


  1. misfit(Noun)

    An ill-fitting garment.

  2. misfit(Noun)

    A failure to fit well; unsuitability, disparity.

  3. misfit(Noun)

    A badly adjusted person; someone unsuitable or set apart because of their habits, behaviour etc.

  4. misfit(Verb)

    To fit badly.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Misfit(noun)

    the act or the state of fitting badly; as, a misfit in making a coat; a ludicrous misfit

  2. Misfit(noun)

    something that fits badly, as a garment


  1. Misfit

    "Misfit" is the second single from UK singer Amy Studt. Released on 9 June 2003, the single reached a peak of #6 in the charts and is Studt's most successful single to date. It was also the most successful single internationally. It is taken from her debut album, False Smiles. The song is criticizing those who conform, labelling them superficial and saying it is all right to be a misfit. It is included on Now 55 in the UK.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a person who is not able to live or work happily with others.

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