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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mi•grate*ˈmaɪ greɪt(v.i.)-grat•ed, -grat•ing.

  1. to move from one country, region, or place to another.

  2. to pass periodically from one region or climate to another, as certain birds, fishes, and animals.

  3. to shift, as from one system or enterprise to another.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  4. (of ions) to move toward an electrode during electrolysis. (of atoms within a molecule) to change position.

  5. (of a chemical or other substance) to spread, as by seepage, from an area or site of containment into a larger environment.

* Syn: migrate , emigrate , immigrate refer to moving from one country or region to another. migrate means to make such a move either once or repeatedly; it is applied to both people and animals: The family migrated from Ireland to the United States. Ducks migrate every fall.emigrate , used of persons only, generally means to leave one's native country and take up permanent residence in another: Each year many people emigrate from Europe.immigrate , used of persons only, generally means to enter and settle in a country that is not one's own: They decided to immigrate to Australia.

Origin of migrate:

1690–1700; < L migrātus, ptp. of migrāre to move from place to place, change position


Princeton's WordNet

  1. migrate, transmigrate(verb)

    move from one country or region to another and settle there

    "Many Germans migrated to South America in the mid-19th century"; "This tribe transmigrated many times over the centuries"

  2. migrate(verb)

    move periodically or seasonally

    "birds migrate in the Winter"; "The workers migrate to where the crops need harvesting"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. migrate(verb)ˈmaɪ greɪt

    (of animals, birds, etc.) to move from one place to another when the season changes

    birds migrating south in winter

  2. migrateˈmaɪ greɪt

    (of people) to move from one place to another to live and work

    Many slaves migrated north.; the migration north; the migrations of the herd


  1. migrate(Verb)

    To relocate periodically from one region to another, usually according to the seasons.

  2. migrate(Verb)

    To change one's geographic pattern of habitation.

    Many groups had migrated to western Europe from the plains of eastern Europe.

  3. migrate(Verb)

    To change habitations across a border; to move from one country or political region to another.

  4. migrate(Verb)

    To move slowly towards, usually in groups.

  5. migrate(Verb)

    : To move computer code or files from one computer or network to another.

  6. migrate(Verb)

    To induce customers to shift purchases from one set of a company's related products to another.

    We were hoping to migrate the customers of the "C" series to the "E" series and the "E" customers to the "S" series.

  7. Origin: From migratus, past participle of migro

Webster Dictionary

  1. Migrate(verb)

    to remove from one country or region to another, with a view to residence; to change one's place of residence; to remove; as, the Moors who migrated from Africa into Spain; to migrate to the West

  2. Migrate(verb)

    to pass periodically from one region or climate to another for feeding or breeding; -- said of certain birds, fishes, and quadrupeds


  1. Migrate

    "Migrate" is a song by American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey, included as a track on her eleventh studio album, E=MC². Written by Carey, Nathaniel Hills, Faheem Najim, and Balewa Muhammad, and produced by the former two, the song draws influence from pop and R&B music genres. "Migrate" features American singer-songwriter T-Pain, and is based on an electronic thumping beat and many studio-crafted synthesizers, and makes use of auto-tune and several vocal processors. A strong club-beat driven track, its lyrics chronicle a night out for the protagonist, migrating from several locations including a club and hotel suite. Critics compared it to Carey's "It's Like That" for its club-themed beat, as well as its celebratory lyrics. At the time of the album's release, "Migrate" was met with generally positive reviews, with many complimenting its strong club-beat and production, while some criticized its usage of auto-tune on Carey's voice. The song charted due to strong digital downloads in the United States during the debut week of E=MC², and as a result, peaked at number 92 on the Billboard Hot 100, and appeared on several component charts. Carey performed the song live alongside T-Pain on Saturday Night Live, where she accompanied it with "Touch My Body", and on a BET special in promotion of the album in April 2008. Additionally, it was performed during the first show on Carey's Angels Advocate Tour stop at Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve.

Anagrams of migrate

  1. ragtime

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(of certain birds and animals) to travel from one region to another at certain times of the year

Many birds migrate in the early winter.

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