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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. the position of anything surrounded by or among other things or parts (usu. prec. by the):

    in the midst of the crowd.

  2. the position of something occurring in the middle of or during a period of time, course of action, etc. (usu. prec. by the):

    in the midst of the concert.

  3. the state of being surrounded by or engaged in (usu. prec. by the):

    in the midst of work.

  4. the middle point or part.

Origin of midst:

1350–1400; ME, =middes (var. of amiddesamidst ) + excrescent -t


  1. Ref: amidst.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. midst, thick(noun)

    the location of something surrounded by other things

    "in the midst of the crowd"


  1. midst(Noun)

    A place (literal or metaphoric) in the middle of something.

  2. midst(Preposition)

    among, in the middle of

Webster Dictionary

  1. Midst(noun)

    the interior or central part or place; the middle; -- used chiefly in the objective case after in; as, in the midst of the forest

  2. Midst(noun)

    hence, figuratively, the condition of being surrounded or beset; the press; the burden; as, in the midst of official duties; in the midst of secular affairs

  3. Midst

    in the midst of; amidst

  4. Midst(adverb)

    in the middle

Anagrams of midst

  1. MSTID

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


among or in the centre of

in the midst of a crowd of people.

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