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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mi•as•mamaɪˈæz mə, mi-; -mə tə(n.)(pl.)-mas, -ma•ta

  1. noxious exhalations from putrescent organic matter; poisonous effluvia or germs polluting the atmosphere.

  2. a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere.

Origin of miasma:

1655–65; < NL < Gk míasma stain, pollution, der. of miaínein to pollute, stain

mi•as′mal-ˈmæt ɪk(adj.)mi`as•mat′i•cal, mi•as′mic

mi`as•mat′ic-ˈmæt ɪk(adj.)mi`as•mat′i•cal, mi•as′mic

Princeton's WordNet

  1. miasma, miasm(noun)

    an unwholesome atmosphere

    "the novel spun a miasma of death and decay"

  2. miasma, miasm(noun)

    unhealthy vapors rising from the ground or other sources

    "the miasma of the marshes"; "a miasma of cigar smoke"


  1. miasma(Noun)

    A noxious atmosphere or influence.

  2. miasma(Noun)

    A noxious atmosphere or emanation once thought to originate from swamps and waste to cause disease.

  3. Origin: First attested in 1665. From μίασμα (miasma) "stain, pollution".

Webster Dictionary

  1. Miasma(noun)

    infectious particles or germs floating in the air; air made noxious by the presence of such particles or germs; noxious effluvia; malaria


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