Definitions for melancholiaˌmɛl ənˈkoʊ li ə, -ˈkoʊl yə

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mel•an•cho•li•aˌmɛl ənˈkoʊ li ə, -ˈkoʊl yə(n.)

  1. a severe form of depression characterized typically by weight loss, insomnia, and an inability to experience pleasure.

    Category: Psychiatry

Origin of melancholia:

1685–95; < LL; see melancholy


Princeton's WordNet

  1. melancholia(noun)

    extreme depression characterized by tearful sadness and irrational fears


  1. melancholia(Noun)

    Deep sadness or gloom; melancholy

  2. melancholia(Noun)

    Clinical depression, characterised by irrational fears, guilt and apathy

Webster Dictionary

  1. Melancholia(noun)

    a kind of mental unsoundness characterized by extreme depression of spirits, ill-grounded fears, delusions, and brooding over one particular subject or train of ideas


  1. Melancholia

    Melancholia, also lugubriousness, from the Latin lugere, to mourn; moroseness, from the Latin morosus, self-willed, fastidious habit; wistfulness, from old English wist: intent, or saturnine, in contemporary usage, is a mood disorder of non-specific depression, characterized by low levels of both enthusiasm and eagerness for activity. In a modern context, "melancholy" applies only to the mental or emotional symptoms of depression or despondency; historically, "melancholia" could be physical as well as mental, and melancholic conditions were classified as such by their common cause rather than by their properties.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


depression or sadness

He was overcome by a feeling of melancholy.

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