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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

meekmik(adj.)-er, -est.

  1. humbly patient or docile, as under provocation from others.

  2. overly submissive or compliant; spiritless; tame.

  3. Obs. gentle; kind.

Origin of meek:

1150–1200; ME meke, meoc < ON mjūkr soft, mild, meek


Princeton's WordNet

  1. meek, mild, modest(adj)

    humble in spirit or manner; suggesting retiring mildness or even cowed submissiveness

    "meek and self-effacing"

  2. meek, tame(adj)

    very docile

    "tame obedience"; "meek as a mouse"- Langston Hughes

  3. meek, spiritless(adj)

    evidencing little spirit or courage; overly submissive or compliant

    "compliant and anxious to suit his opinions of those of others"; "a fine fiery blast against meek conformity"- Orville Prescott; "she looked meek but had the heart of a lion"; "was submissive and subservient"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. meek(adjective)mik

    quiet, gentle and unlikely to argue


  1. meek(Verb)

    To tame; to break.

  2. meek(Adjective)

    Humble, modest, meager, or self-effacing.

  3. meek(Adjective)

    Submissive, despirited, or of broken will.

  4. Origin: From meek, meke, meoc, from mjúkr 'soft' (compare Swedish mjuk 'soft', and Danish myg 'supple'), from mūkaz (compare Dutch muik 'soft, overripe', German dialect mauch 'dry and decayed, rotten', Mauche 'malanders'), from (s)meug 'slick, slippery; to slip' (compare Old English smugan 'to slide, slip', Welsh mwyth 'soft, weak', Latin emungere 'to blow one's nose', Tocharian A muk 'to let go, give up', Lithuanian mukti 'to slip away from', Old Church Slavonic mŭčati 'to chase', Ancient Greek myssesthai 'to blow the nose', Sanskrit muñcati 'he releases, lets loose').

Webster Dictionary

  1. Meek

    mild of temper; not easily provoked or orritated; patient under injuries; not vain, or haughty, or resentful; forbearing; submissive

  2. Meek

    evincing mildness of temper, or patience; characterized by mildness or patience; as, a meek answer; a meek face

  3. Meek(verb)

    alt. of Meeken

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


humble and not likely to complain, argue, react strongly etc

a meek little man.

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