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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mane(noun)

    long coarse hair growing from the crest of the animal's neck

  2. mane, head of hair(noun)

    growth of hair covering the scalp of a human being


  1. mane(Noun)

    Longer hair growth on back of neck of an animal, especially a horse or lion

  2. mane(Noun)

    Long or thick hair of a person's head.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mane(noun)

    the long and heavy hair growing on the upper side of, or about, the neck of some quadrupedal animals, as the horse, the lion, etc. See Illust. of Horse

  2. Origin: [AS. manu; akin to OD. mane, D. maan, G. mhne, OHG. mana, Icel. mn, Dan. & Sw. man, AS. mene necklace, Icel. men, L. monile, Gr. , , Skr. many neck muscles. 275.]


  1. Mane

    The mane is the hair that grows from the top of the neck of a horse or other equine, reaching from the poll to the withers, and includes the forelock or foretop. It is thicker and coarser than the rest of the horse's coat, and naturally grows to roughly cover the neck. Heredity plays a role, giving some horses a longer, thicker mane, and others a shorter, thinner one. Some horses, such as those used in circuses or in mounted displays such as Cavalia, have manes allowed to grow down to their knees. Others have their manes deliberately shaved completely off for style or practical purposes. When ungroomed, however, the mane usually grows no longer than the width of the horse's neck, as natural wear and tear limit its potential length. The mane is thought to keep the neck warm, and possibly to help water run off the neck if the animal cannot obtain shelter from the rain. It also provides some fly protection to the front of the horse, although the tail is usually the first defense against flies. Ponies usually have the thickest manes, with horse breeds having tremendous variation in thickness and length. Other equids such as the donkey often have very sparse, thin manes.

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  1. Amen, amen, mean, MENA, NAmE, name, NEMA, NMEA

  2. Amen

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