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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

man•dateˈmæn deɪt(n.; v.)-dat•ed, -dat•ing.

  1. (n.)a command or authorization to act in a particular way given by the electorate to its representative.

    Category: Government

  2. any authoritative order or command:

    a royal mandate.

    Category: Government

  3. (in the League of Nations) a commission given to a nation to administer the government and affairs of a former Turkish territory or German colony.

    Category: Government

  4. such a territory or colony.

    Category: Government

  5. a command from a superior court or official to a lower one.

  6. (v.t.)to authorize or decree (a particular action).

  7. to make mandatory.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  8. to consign (a territory) under a mandate.

    Category: Government

Origin of mandate:

1540–50; < L mandātum, from mandāre to give as a commission, lit., to hand over


Princeton's WordNet

  1. mandate, authorization, authorisation(noun)

    a document giving an official instruction or command

  2. mandate, mandatory(noun)

    a territory surrendered by Turkey or Germany after World War I and put under the tutelage of some other European power until they are able to stand by themselves

  3. mandate(verb)

    the commission that is given to a government and its policies through an electoral victory

  4. mandate(verb)

    assign under a mandate

    "mandate a colony"

  5. mandate(verb)

    make mandatory

    "the new director of the school board mandated regular tests"

  6. mandate(verb)

    assign authority to


  1. mandate(Noun)

    An official or authoritative command; an order or injunction; a commission; a judicial precept.

  2. mandate(Verb)

    to authorize

  3. Origin: Noun is from mandatum, neut of. mandatus, past participle of mandare, from manus + dare. Compare command, commend, demand, remand.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mandate(noun)

    an official or authoritative command; an order or injunction; a commission; a judicial precept

  2. Mandate(noun)

    a rescript of the pope, commanding an ordinary collator to put the person therein named in possession of the first vacant benefice in his collation

  3. Mandate(noun)

    a contract by which one employs another to manage any business for him. By the Roman law, it must have been gratuitous


  1. Mandate

    In politics, a mandate is the authority granted by a constituency to act as its representative. The concept of a government having a legitimate mandate to govern via the fair winning of a democratic election is a central idea of representative democracy. New governments who attempt to introduce policies that they did not make public during an election campaign are said to not have a legitimate mandate to implement such policies. Elections, especially ones with a large margin of victory, are often said to give the newly elected government or elected official an implicit mandate to put into effect certain policies. Also, the period during which a government serves between elections is often referred to as a mandate and when the government seeks re-election it is said to be seeking a "new mandate". In some languages, a 'mandate' can mean a parliamentary seat won in an election rather than the electoral victory itself.

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