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  1. malign(adj)

    evil or harmful in nature or influence

    "prompted by malign motives"; "believed in witches and malign spirits"; "gave him a malign look"; "a malign lesion"

  2. malefic, malevolent, malign, evil(verb)

    having or exerting a malignant influence

    "malevolent stars"; "a malefic force"

  3. badmouth, malign, traduce, drag through the mud(verb)

    speak unfavorably about

    "She badmouths her husband everywhere"

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  1. malign(Verb)

    To make defamatory statements about someone or something.

  2. malign(Adjective)

    evil or malignant in disposition, nature, intent or influence.

  3. malign(Adjective)


  4. Origin: Via French from Latin malignus, from malus + genus. Compare benign.

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  1. Malign(adj)

    having an evil disposition toward others; harboring violent enmity; malevolent; malicious; spiteful; -- opposed to benign

  2. Malign(adj)

    unfavorable; unpropitious; pernicious; tending to injure; as, a malign aspect of planets

  3. Malign(adj)

    malignant; as, a malign ulcer

  4. Malign(adj)

    to treat with malice; to show hatred toward; to abuse; to wrong; to injure

  5. Malign(adj)

    to speak great evil of; to traduce; to defame; to slander; to vilify; to asperse

  6. Malign(verb)

    to entertain malice

  7. Origin: [L. malignus, for maligenus, i. e., of a bad kind or nature; malus bad + the root of genus birth, race, kind: cf. F. malin, masc., maligne, fem. See Malice, Gender, and cf. Benign, Malignant.]

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  1. Malign

    Malign is a Swedish black metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1994.

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  1. lingam

  2. laming

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