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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a public box in which mail is placed for pickup and delivery.

  2. a private box into which mail is delivered.

  3. a file in a computer for the storage of electronic mail.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mailbox, letter box(noun)

    a private box for delivery of mail

  2. postbox, mailbox, letter box(noun)

    public box for deposit of mail

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. mailbox(noun)ˈmeɪlˌbɒks

    a container on or near sb's house in which you send out and receive mail

    Put it in the mailbox.

  2. mailboxˈmeɪlˌbɒks

    a public box for mailing letters

    the mailbox on the corner


  1. mailbox(Noun)

    A box into which mail is put

  2. mailbox(Noun)

    A folder or account for the storage of e-mail; an in-box.


  1. Mailbox

    Catalina helps Earl cross off No. 75 on his list "Used a mailbox as a trash can" This leads to the discovery of two undelivered letters one is a declaration of a man's love the other reveals Darnell's secret.


  1. Mailbox

    Mailbox, now a part of Dropbox, is a mobile-first inbox that makes processing messages on your phone fast and delightful. It's how email on the phone should work: Mailbox checks your mail from the cloud and delivers it to your phone with lightning-fast speed. A colorful swipe-based UI makes processing easy, and the "snooze” feature lets you put off messages until later. Currently available for iPhone and Gmail.Mailbox makes getting to inbox zero - and staying there - a breeze.

Anagrams of mailbox

  1. xilobam

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a postbox.

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