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Princeton's WordNet

  1. magpie(noun)

    long-tailed black-and-white crow that utters a raucous chattering call

  2. magpie, scavenger, pack rat(noun)

    someone who collects things that have been discarded by others

  3. chatterer, babbler, prater, chatterbox, magpie, spouter(noun)

    an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker


  1. magpie(Noun)

    One of several kinds of bird in the family Corvidae, especially Pica pica.

  2. magpie(Noun)

    A superficially similar Australian bird, Gymnorhina tibicen.

  3. magpie(Noun)

    Someone who displays a magpie-like quality such as collecting, or committing robbery.

  4. magpie(Noun)

    Fan or member of Newcastle United FC.

  5. Magpie(Noun)

    someone connected with Newcastle United Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.

  6. Magpie(Noun)

    someone connected with Notts County Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.

  7. Magpie(Noun)

    someone connected with Collingwood Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.

  8. Magpie(Noun)

    someone connected, or formerly connected with the Western Suburbs Magpies, as a fan, player, coach etc.

  9. Origin: From Mag, a nickname for Margaret that was used to denote a chatterer, and pie, an archaic word meaning "magpie".

Webster Dictionary

  1. Magpie(noun)

    any one of numerous species of the genus Pica and related genera, allied to the jays, but having a long graduated tail


  1. Magpie

    Magpies are intelligent birds of the corvidae family, including the black and white Eurasian Magpie, which is one of the few animal species known to be able to recognize itself in a mirror test. Others include the Black-billed Magpie, Yellow-billed Magpie and Korean Magpie of the Pica genus, the Formosan Blue Magpie, Red-billed Blue Magpie and Gold-billed Magpie of the Urocissa and also the Common Green Magpie, Yellow-breasted Magpie, Short-tailed Magpie of the Cissa genus.


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