Definitions for maculaˈmæk yə lə; -ˌli

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. sunspot, macula(noun)

    a cooler darker spot appearing periodically on the sun's photosphere; associated with a strong magnetic field

  2. macula, macula lutea, macular area, yellow spot(noun)

    a small yellowish central area of the retina that is rich in cones and that mediates clear detailed vision

  3. macule, macula(noun)

    a patch of skin that is discolored but not usually elevated; caused by various diseases


  1. macula(Noun)

    An oval yellow spot near the center of the retina of the human eye, histologically defined as having two or more layers of ganglion cells, responsible for detailed central vision.

  2. macula(Noun)

    A spot, as on the skin, or on the surface of the sun or of some other luminous orb.

  3. macula(Noun)

    A rather large spot or blotch of color.

  4. macula(Noun)

    In planetary geology, an unusually dark area on the surface of a planet or moon.

  5. Origin: From macula.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Macula(noun)

    a spot, as on the skin, or on the surface of the sun or of some other luminous orb

  2. Macula(noun)

    a rather large spot or blotch of color

  3. Origin: [L., spot, stain, blot. See Mail armor, and cf. Mackle, Macule.]

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