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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

lu•ridˈlʊər ɪd(adj.)

  1. gruesome; horrible; revolting:

    the lurid details of an accident.

  2. wildly dramatic or sensational; shocking:

    the lurid tales of pulp magazines.

  3. shining with an unnatural, fiery glow; garishly red:

    a lurid sunset.

  4. wan, pallid, or ghastly in hue; livid.

Origin of lurid:

1650–60; < L lūridus sallow, ghastly


Princeton's WordNet

  1. lurid(adj)

    horrible in fierceness or savagery

    "lurid crimes"; "a lurid life"

  2. lurid, shocking(adj)

    glaringly vivid and graphic; marked by sensationalism

    "lurid details of the accident"

  3. lurid(adj)

    shining with an unnatural red glow as of fire seen through smoke

    "a lurid sunset"; "lurid flames"

  4. lurid(adj)

    ghastly pale

    "moonlight gave the statue a lurid luminence"


  1. lurid(Adjective)

    Shocking, horrifying.

    The accident was described with lurid detail.

  2. lurid(Adjective)


  3. lurid(Adjective)

    Ghastly, pale, wan in appearance.

  4. lurid(Adjective)

    Being of a light yellow hue.

  5. Origin: From luridus

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lurid(adj)

    pale yellow; ghastly pale; wan; gloomy; dismal

  2. Lurid(adj)

    having a brown color tonged with red, as of flame seen through smoke

  3. Lurid(adj)

    of a color tinged with purple, yellow, and gray

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(too) brightly coloured or vivid

a lurid dress/painting/sky.

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