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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

lu•mi•nar•yˈlu məˌnɛr i(n.; adj.)(pl.)-nar•ies

  1. (n.)a celestial body, as the sun or moon.

    Category: Astronomy

  2. a body, object, etc., that gives light.

  3. a person who has attained eminence in a field or is an inspiration to others.

  4. (adj.)of, pertaining to, or characterized by light.

Origin of luminary:

1400–50; late ME luminarye < ML lūmināria lamp. See luminaria

Princeton's WordNet

  1. luminary, leading light, guiding light, notable, notability(noun)

    a celebrity who is an inspiration to others

    "he was host to a large gathering of luminaries"


  1. luminary(Noun)

    One that is an inspiration to others; one who has achieved success in his chosen field; a leading light.

  2. luminary(Noun)

    An artificial light; an illumination.

  3. luminary(Noun)

    A body that gives light; especially, one of the heavenly bodies.

  4. Origin: From luminaria, from luminare, from lumen.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Luminary(noun)

    any body that gives light, especially one of the heavenly bodies

  2. Luminary(noun)

    one who illustrates any subject, or enlightens mankind; as, Newton was a distinguished luminary


  1. Luminary

    The luminaries were what traditional astrologers called the two astrological "planets" which were the brightest and most important objects in the heavens, that is, the Sun and the Moon.


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