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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Lu•ca•ni•aluˈkeɪ ni ə(n.)

  1. an ancient region in S Italy, NW of the Gulf of Taranto.

    Category: Geography (places)

  2. a modern region in S Italy, comprising most of the ancient region. 621,506; 3856 sq. mi. (9985 sq. km).

    Category: Geography (places)

    Ref: Italian, Basilicata.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Basilicata, Lucania(noun)

    a region of southern Italy (forming the instep of the Italian `boot')


  1. Lucania

    Lucania was an ancient district of southern Italy, extending from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Gulf of Taranto. To the north it adjoined Campania, Samnium and Apulia, and to the south it was separated by a narrow isthmus from the district of Bruttium. It thus comprised almost all the modern region of the Basilicata, with the greater part of the province of Salerno and a portion of that of Cosenza. The precise limits were the river Silarus on the north-west, which separated it from Campania, and the Bradanus, which flows into the Gulf of Tarentum, on the north-east; while the two little rivers Laus and Crathis, flowing from the ridge of the Apennines to the sea on the west and east, marked the limits of the district on the side of the Bruttii.


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