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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. the act of looking out or keeping watch.

  2. a watch kept, as for something that may come or happen.

  3. a person or group keeping a watch.

  4. a station or place from which a watch is kept.

  5. an object of care or concern:

    That's not my lookout.

  6. view; prospect; outlook.

    Category: British

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. lookout, lookout man, sentinel, sentry, watch, spotter, scout, picket(noun)

    a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event

  2. lookout, observation post(noun)

    an elevated post affording a wide view

  3. lookout, observation tower, lookout station, observatory(noun)

    a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings

  4. lookout, outlook(noun)

    the act of looking out

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. lookout(noun)ˈlʊkˌaʊt

    watching carefully for sth

    Be on the lookout for deals on electronic goods.


  1. lookout(Noun)

    A vantage point with a view of the surrounding area.

  2. lookout(Noun)

    A person on watch for approaching enemy, police, etc.

    The raid failed when the lookout noticed the enemy group.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lookout(noun)

    a careful looking or watching for any object or event

  2. Lookout(noun)

    the place from which such observation is made

  3. Lookout(noun)

    a person engaged in watching

  4. Lookout(noun)

    object or duty of forethought and care; responsibility


  1. Lookout

    A lookout or look-out is a person on a ship in charge of the observation of the sea for hazards, other ships, land, etc. Lookouts report anything they see and or hear. When reporting contacts, lookouts give information such as, bearing of the object, which way the object is headed, target angles and position angles and what the contact is. Lookouts should be thoroughly familiar with the various types of distress signals they may encounter at sea.

Anagrams of lookout

  1. outlook

Translations for lookout

From our Multilingual Dictionary

  • ناطورArabic
  • наблюдателен пунктBulgarian
  • vyhlídka, pozorovatel, rozhledna, pozorovatelna, hlídkaCzech
  • udkigsmand, udkig, udkigspunkt, vagtpost, udkigspostDanish
  • παρατηρητήριο, παρατηρητήςGreek
  • ongelma, näköalapaikka, tähystäjä, asia, vartiomies, näkymä, murhe, tarkkailupiste, näköalaFinnish
  • guetteur, sentinelle, poste de guetFrench
  • tūtainga, taumata matira, tūteinga, matira, matairangiMāori
  • наблюдатель, дело, дозорный, забота, наблюдательный пункт, вахтаRussian
  • gözcüTurkish


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