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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. (in a theater) the front section of the lowest balcony, separated from the back section by an aisle or railing or both.

    Category: Architecture, Showbiz

  2. a box in a theater.

    Category: Architecture, Showbiz

  3. any small enclosure; booth.

Origin of loge:

1740–50; < F

Princeton's WordNet

  1. loge(noun)

    balcony consisting of the forward section of a theater mezzanine

  2. box, loge(noun)

    private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance

    "the royal box was empty"


  1. loge(Noun)

    A booth or stall.

  2. loge(Noun)

    The lodge of a concierge.

  3. loge(Noun)

    An upscale seating region in a modern concert hall or sports venue, often in the back lower tier, or on a separate tier above the mezzanine.

  4. loge(Noun)

    An exclusive box or seating region in older theaters and opera houses, having wider, softer, and more widely spaced seats than in the gallery.

  5. Origin: From from Frankish *. Akin to . louba "porch, gallery" (German Laube "bower, arbor"), . loub "leaf, foliage", lēaf "leaf, foliage". More at lobby, loggia, leaf.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Loge(noun)

    a lodge; a habitation

Anagrams of loge

  1. LEGO, Lego, lego, ogle

Translations for loge

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a room at a college gate etc for an attendant

the porter's lodge.

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