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  1. anteroom, antechamber, entrance hall, hall, foyer, lobby, vestibule(noun)

    a large entrance or reception room or area

  2. lobby(noun)

    the people who support some common cause or business or principle or sectional interest

  3. lobby, pressure group, third house(verb)

    a group of people who try actively to influence legislation

  4. lobby, buttonhole(verb)

    detain in conversation by or as if by holding on to the outer garments of; as for political or economic favors

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  1. lobby(Noun)

    scouse (from lobscouse)

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  1. Lobby(noun)

    a passage or hall of communication, especially when large enough to serve also as a waiting room. It differs from an antechamber in that a lobby communicates between several rooms, an antechamber to one only; but this distinction is not carefully preserved

  2. Lobby(noun)

    that part of a hall of legislation not appropriated to the official use of the assembly; hence, the persons, collectively, who frequent such a place to transact business with the legislators; any persons, not members of a legislative body, who strive to influence its proceedings by personal agency

  3. Lobby(noun)

    an apartment or passageway in the fore part of an old-fashioned cabin under the quarter-deck

  4. Lobby(noun)

    a confined place for cattle, formed by hedges. trees, or other fencing, near the farmyard

  5. Lobby(verb)

    to address or solicit members of a legislative body in the lobby or elsewhere, with the purpose to influence their votes

  6. Lobby(verb)

    to urge the adoption or passage of by soliciting members of a legislative body; as, to lobby a bill

  7. Origin: [LL. lobium, lobia, laubia, a covered portico fit for walking, fr. OHG. louba, G. laube, arbor. See Lodge.]

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  1. Lobby

    A lobby is a room in a building which is used for entry from the outside. Sometimes referred to as a foyer or an entrance hall. Many office buildings, hotels and skyscrapers go to great lengths to decorate their lobbies to create the right impression and convey an image, or "power lobby". Since the mid-1980s there has been a growing trend to think of lobbies as more than just ways to get from the door to the elevator, but instead as social spaces and places of commerce. Some research has even been done to develop scales to measure lobby atmosphere in order to improve hotel lobby design. Many places that offer public services, such as a doctor's office, use their lobbies as more of a waiting room for the people waiting for a certain service. In these types of lobbies it is common for there to be comfortable furniture, such as couches and lounge chairs, so that the customer will be able to wait in comfort. Also, there may be television sets, books, and/or magazines to help the customer pass time as they wait to be served. Supertall skyscrapers can often have one or more of what is known as a sky lobby, which is an intermediate floor where people can change from an express elevator that stops only at the sky lobby to a local elevator which stops at every floor within a segment of the building.

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    Rank popularity for the word 'lobby' in Nouns Frequency: #2847

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